Use Less Gas While Driving a Dodge Charger

January 31st, 2018 by

When Dodge engineers build muscle cars, they always include professional-grade hardware that can provide strategic benefits on the road, and you can test many of these features while driving a Dodge Charger. This all-wheel-drive vehicle can help you reach different destinations in practical and effective ways because a variety of unique components are found under the hood.


The Dodge Charger is designed with a transmission that reaches eight speeds with ease. Because this car has an automatic transmission and a 5.7-liter engine, delays don’t occur when the Charger reaches different speeds while traveling to various destinations. However, the engine efficiency features make the Dodge Charger a practical vehicle for general muscle car fans. This car doesn’t use a lot of gas because it’s engineered with professional timing hardware.

During a test drive, you can inspect many of the efficiency features that make the Dodge Charger a popular muscle car. If you want to drive a Charger in Wenatchee, WA, visit Town Chrysler Jeep Dodge today. We serve motorists in many neighborhoods and business districts.

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