Chrysler 300 Helps Guard Against Distractions

March 29th, 2018 by

Just one moment of distraction while driving in today’s traffic conditions can cause an accident involving injuries or fatalities. But the designers of the most popular full-size luxury sedan, the Chrysler 300, have installed specific safety features that can alert you to and prevent a possible collision.


If you’re not paying attention and getting too close to a vehicle that’s ahead of you on the road, the Chrysler 300 Forward Collision Warning System will alert you to slow down and automatically apply the brakes to prevent your hitting that vehicle. And when distractions or feeling tired have you drifting left or right from the center of the lane you are currently in, the Chrysler 300 Lanesense Lane Departure Warning system gets your attention that you are drifting and makes a course correction to help prevent a collision.

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